Theses proposals

Below you will find current proposals for final theses in Bachelor, Master or Diploma. We mainly supervise theses for students of the faculty 13 or students of industrial engineering with the technical specialization civil engineering. In case of thematic overlaps, theses in cooperation with other faculties are also possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have different topical expertises, which are reflected in our theses topics. No matter if computer simulations, chemical lab work or working on new mixing designs and process engineering you can find topics with these respective emphasis.

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The “Mobility”, which can be financed by the projects, can be used, for example, for the preparation of master theses.

Current Theses Proposals

  • Bachelor thesis

    In the frame of the dismantling and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, various waste streams are produced that must be treated and conditioned for long-term disposal. One of these waste streams are spent ion exchange resins. The focus of the conditioning lies on the one hand on ensuring safe final matrix properties, on the other hand on waste volume minimization. The most common conditioning technique is the mixing of the radioactive waste with cement with the aim to form a stable matrix for the final storage.

    Supervisors: Prof. Eddie Koenders, M.Sc. Peng Xiao

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