Cooperative research possibilites with the WiB

If you are interested in cooperative research projects on innovative and sustainable research topics or building and advanced materials, we would be happy to hear from you! This page should give an overview of the different research work, investigation possibilities, facilities and service portfolio of the Institute of Construction and Building Materials.

Research at and with the Institute for Materials in Civil Engineering

At the Institute of Construction and Building Materials we have several well-equipped laboratories.

The large and diversified experience at WiB combined with the laboratory equipment allows to study primary materials and resources, raw materials, admixtures and additives in their respective entirety. Investigations can be limited to individual attributes or designed to give a fully comprehensive characterization.

Investigation possibilities:

  • Different microanalysis to determine the chemical-physical properties
  • Determination of reactivity and behavior during hydration
  • Investigation of building physics (moisture absorption, thermal insulation properties, phase change materials)
  • Fresh concrete and fresh mortar, as well as hardened concrete and hardened mortar tests
  • Development of special mix designs and mixing procedures
  • Raw material investigations

In addition, new experimental setups can be developed and validated at WiB. Innovative testing programs and of course, standard tests for building materials can be carried out. We support you with expert opinions as well as insurance and damage claims.

Current investigations in our laboratories

Possible examinations at the Institute

Previously conducted tests and experimental procedures:

  • Determination of the chemical composition of constituent materials
  • Determination, back calculation and execution of historical mix designs
  • Simulation of vibrating-pressing processes with immediate stripping on a laboratory scale
  • Modeling of chloride resistance with an accelerated test procedure
  • Reactivity studies of various solids
  • Development of geopolymer-based mortars
  • Building physics investigations according to DIN standard
  • Cyclic semi-static load tests according to DIN standard
  • Development of special mineral foams
  • Investigation of the freeze-thaw behavior of various concretes

We are able to develop an adapted test and investigation program specifically for your needs. Design and validation of new methods are a large part of our very successful R&D work.

Our services in the chemistry lab:

  • Investigation of water absorption (binders, raw materials, concretes, mortars)
  • Determination of chloride content
  • Determination of chloride penetration coefficients
  • Durability tests (chemical/acid resistance, carbonation, capillary water absorption)
  • Sample preparation
  • Zeta potential measurement
  • Investigation of pore solutions/fluids

to our chemistry lab

Querschnitt nach dem Rapid-Chloride-Migration (RCM) Test
Querschnitt nach dem Rapid-Chloride-Migration (RCM) Test
Zeiss EVO LS25 – Rasterelektronenmikroskop
Zeiss EVO LS25 – Rasterelektronenmikroskop

Our services in the microlab:

  • Mineralogical examinations (XRD, ESEM-EDX, TGA, DSC, DTA, FTIR)
  • Imaging examination methods (ESEM)
  • Reactivity investigations (calorimetry, combined thermal analysis)
  • Pore characterization (pore size distributions, pore volumes)
  • Particle size distribution
  • Light microscope investigations

to our microlab

Our services in the laboratory for building physics:

  • Determination of oxidation stability, degree of curing, eutectic purity, specific heat, molecular weight distribution
  • Sorption and desorption behavior
  • Water vapor diffusion properties
  • Equilibrium moisture
  • (Effective) thermal conductivity, thermal resistance
  • k-value, U-value

to our laboratory for building physics

Einplatten-Wärmeleitfähigkeitsmessgerät λ-Meter EP500 von Lambda-Meßtechnik zur bestimmung der Wärmeleitfähigkeit an Dämmstoffen
Einplatten-Wärmeleitfähigkeitsmessgerät λ-Meter EP500 von Lambda-Meßtechnik zur bestimmung der Wärmeleitfähigkeit an Dämmstoffen
Probebelastung von nachträglich verankerten Bewehrungsstäben im Rahmen einer Tiefgaragensanierung
Probebelastung von nachträglich verankerten Bewehrungsstäben im Rahmen einer Tiefgaragensanierung

Our services in the meso- and macro lab:

Hardened concrete tests

Also on behalf of Güteschutz Hessenbeton e. V. we carry out hardened concrete tests on normal concrete as well as on lightweight aggregate concrete and steam-hardened aerated concrete.

Among other things we test:

  • Compressive strength
  • Flexural and splitting tensile strength
  • Dry bulk density

Of course, standard tests according to DIN EN 12390, DIN EN 1354, DIN 4223, etc. can be carried out.

Freeze-thaw tests

With our freeze-thaw test equipment from Schleibinger Geräte, standard tests for the freeze resistance XF1 can be carried out in different procedures.

  • CDF-Test; CEN/TS-12390-9 and CDF RILEM TC 117 FDC
  • CIF-Test: RILEM TC 176 IDC, CEN/TR 15177 2006-06 and BAW leaflet frost test
  • VDZ-cube method: CEN/TS 12390-9

Various tensile tests on site or at the construction site

With various loading equipment, we can perform tests up to 1,000 kN tensile load both in the test hall and on site / at the construction site.

Examples are:

  • Test loading of foundation anchorages after damage to a freeway sign bridge
  • Test loading of subsequently anchored reinforcing bars as part of an underground car park renovation project

The tests can be carried out according to the specifications of the client (e.g. test engineer).

to our meso and macro laboratory

Our services in the concrete and mortar lab:

Various fresh concrete experiments and development of special binder types:

  • Investigation of new concrete and mortar mixing designs
  • Development of individual concrete mixtures for special applications
  • mineral foams
  • development of special non cementitious binders (alkali activated binders)
  • All normatively regulated fresh concrete tests (e.g. according to DIN EN 12350)

to our concrete and mortar laboratory

Beton und Mörtellabor
Beton und Mörtellabor

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