Structural Damage and Structural Analysis

Structural Damage and Structural Analysis

In this module, the focus is on damage mechanisms in structures. For this purpose, the theoretical models are discussed as well as the practical verification methods.


In order to be able to develop and implement suitable and object-specific renovation measures, a prior analysis of the inventory and condition of buildings is indispensable.

Starting with the presentation of the different construction methods of buildings and structures with the elements roof, wall, foundation masonry, etc., the characteristic manufacturing methods, their functions but also the weak points are to be shown over the temporal development.

The material properties must be sufficiently understood and demonstrated, attacking weathering phenomena must be investigated for their cause, and the type and extent of building material and corresponding damage must be recorded and discussed. Without these basic preliminary investigations, no coordinated rehabilitation measures can be presented that will enable a sustainable and effective extension of the service life.

The causes of material weathering, cracking, moisture-related damage, etc. are demonstrated using numerous case studies.

The tools necessary for an assessment with non-destructive and destructive examination methods are presented in detail.


Professor Prof. Eddie Koenders
Supervision by: M.Sc. Nicolas Castrillon
Rotation Winter Semester
Requirements Bachelor course “Construction and Building Materials”
Credit Points 6 CP
Teaching language: German

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