DFG - Priority Programme
“Net-Zero Concrete” (SPP 2436)

Priority Programme “Net-Zero Concrete” (SPP 2436)

In March 2023, the DFG (German Research Foundation) approved the Priority Programme "Net-Zero Concrete" (SPP2436). This is coordinated by the Institute of Construction and Building Materials (WiB). This six-year programme is now ready for applications for the first, three-year funding period.

CO2-neutral binders, renewable aggregates and concrete as a carbon sink

The enormous impact of concrete on our society becomes clear when one considers the huge quantities produced each year. After water, concrete is the most widely used resource worldwide, with about 14 billion cubic meters needed each year to build cities and infrastructure. The biggest environmental problem with concrete today is the vast amounts of natural resources it requires and its enormous carbon footprint, which accounts for about seven to eight percent of global CO2 emissions. To keep global warming below 2 degrees and limit resource depletion for future generations, immediate action is needed from all stakeholders. The new Priority Programme (SPP) “Net-Zero Concrete,” funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), aims to pave the way for a climate-neutral construction sector by developing Net-Zero concrete as an environmentally friendly building material.

Project information

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