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Multimedia collection from the institute

On our multimedia page we bundle videos, picture series etc. to give students and all interested people insights in and around the institute. Therefore, the media from different areas are available here for quick access.


Numerous videos have been produced in various projects to illustrate and supplement the teaching content of our courses and to present various occupational profiles in the field of materials in the construction industry.

For this purpose, among other things, instructional videos were created that clearly explain the normative production of fresh concrete and specimens as well as test methods for determining fresh and hardened concrete properties to students and interested people.

Videos are already available on the following topics:

Fresh concrete internship video

Lecture teaching videos

In the context of an e-learning project, we have created teaching videos for the course “Materials in Civil Engineering”. The videos are a didactic addition to this course and serve to give students a clear understanding of concrete as a material as well as essential testing methods, thus linking the theory learned with practice.

Here you will find our collection of short explanatory videos on the production of standard concrete and test specimens as well as on various test methods for fresh and hardened concrete properties.

Contact: Kira Weise , Marc Zeitler

Production of normal concrete

Production of normal concrete according to DIN EN 480-1

Production of specimens for hardened concrete tests

Production of specimens for hardened concrete tests according to DIN EN 12390-2

Flow table test

Flow table test according to DIN EN 12350-5


Slump-test according to DIN EN 12350-2

Vebe test

Vebe test according to DIN EN 12350-3

Degree of compactability

Degree of compactability according to DIN EN 12350-4

Fresh concrete density

Fresh concrete density according to DIN EN 12350-6

Air content

Air content according to DIN EN 12350-7

Compressive strength

Compressive strength according to DIN EN 12390-3

Flexural strength

Flexural strength according to DIN EN 12390-5

Tensile splitting strength

Tensile splitting strength according to DIN EN 12390-6

Lecture teaching videos

The two videos for insight into concrete practice complete our collection of short explanatory videos. One video shows how precast concrete elements (shaft frames) are produced in the plant and then placed on the construction site in the Albvorland Tunnel. A second video explains how ready-mix concrete is produced in the plant and placed as fresh concrete on the construction site.

Contact: Kira Weise , Marc Zeitler

Ready-mix concrete plant

Production of ready-mix concrete and placing on the construction site

Precast plant

Production of shaft frames for tunnel cable shafts in the casting process

Videos about different professions

As part of the program “Student E-Learning Experts” of the HDA our project to create short films about job profiles in the field of construction materials is funded. In our first video we present the job description as a research assistant at our own institute. In the coming months, further short films will provide exciting insights into the working world in this field.

Scientist at our institute

What does a research assistant do at our institute?

Monitoring and certification

What does the day-to-day work of an employee in the area of monitoring and certification look like?

Quality assurance

What is the daily work routine of a quality manager in cement production like?

Production of Geopolymers

Production of Geopolymers