UniSA mobilies of 2023 and future plans for 2024

University of Salerno, Italy


The researchers from University of Salerno share their exciting travels in the scope of the BEST mobilities plan with the effort to tackle the challenges of tomorrow!

Enzo Martinelli in Arizona State University, USA

It was an exciting trip around the sun for UniSA this year, involving some long distance travels to Argentina, Brazil and United States of America and one closer in the Netherlands. Below is the overview of the mobilities done by the research team of UniSA to the BEST partners in 2023:

  • Enzo Martinelli UniSA -> UBA 19/07/2023-28/07/2023
  • Enzo Martinelli UniSA -> Basilisk 28/08/2023-03/09/2023
  • Enzo Martinelli UniSA -> ASU 27/03/2023-05/04/2023; 16/09/2023-23/09/2023; 27/11/2023-07/12/2023
  • Marco Pepe UniSA -> UFRJ 17/08/2023-02/09/2023
  • Paula Barboza UniSA -> ASU 27/07/2023-28/10/2023
  • Francesco Nigro UniSA -> UBA 07/11/2023-14/02/2024

As for the new year of 2024, UniSA is about to receive the following three visits of colleagues from UFRJ:

  • Romildo Dias Toledo Filho UFRJ UniSA 19/01/2024-03/02/2024
  • Thais Pinto Lôbo Siqueira UFRJ UniSA 01/01/2024-30/03/2024
  • Nathalia Andrade da Silva UFRJ UniSA 01/01/2024-08/02/2024

Full stories of researchers exchange experiences will be soon available!