BEST visit from Eddie Koenders – USFQ, Quito


The BEST mobility of Prof. Koenders has come to an end and here is a short overview of his exciting experiences!

Prof. Eddie Koenders, head of the Institute of Construction and Building Materials at TU Darmstadt and coordinator of the BEST project, visited the University San Francisco de Quito, USFQ, in Ecuador for two months from August 15 to October 15, 2023. His visit was hosted by Prof. Eva Lantsoght, who is the coordinating professor at USFQ. During his visit, he presented and discussed with students and scientists various topics and initiatives related to the development of bio-based materials and potential applications. He was also invited to visit the building materials laboratory at USFQ and participated in a field trip to a Holcim recycled aggregates plant.

One of the initiatives was the launch of the “BEST Workshop Series”, a type of pop-up workshop that can be organized by any of the BEST project partners to present their latest and most relevant research results.

In October, we organized the first workshop in the BEST series (Bio-based Energy-efficient materials and Structures for Tomorrow) at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. This workshop was very enlightening and we are already looking forward to the next exciting workshop in this series!