BEST mobilities: Meet PhD candidate Hugo Varela

From UAH (Spain) to UFRJ (Brazil)


PhD candidate Hugo Varela from University of Alcala group (UAH), led by Prof. Gonzalo Barluenga, is carrying out a two-months research stay starting on august 10th at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil (UFRJ) within the framework of the BEST project.

The 3D printing group of UFRJ, led by Prof. Romildo D. Toledo Filho and Prof. Oscar A. Mendoza Reales, hosted the researcher. A study to assess the effect of sisal natural fibres on the rheological and fresh mechanical properties of 3D printable bio-mortars for architectural applications (working package 1) is in progress. Experimental methodologies and novel cement-bio-based materials for 3D printing were designed, generating synergies between members of both groups. The picture shows Matheus P. Tinoco (UFRJ) and Hugo Varela (UAH) performing a 3D printing test with a sisal fibre bio-based mortar at the UFRJ 3D printing lab.