Project activities
From Bio-materials to Energy-efficient durable composites

BEST Work Packages

The BEST activities are conceptually organised in Work Packages (WP) interacting throughout the time development of the present research and innovation action.

Moving from a first phase devoted to sharing information about the project participants, move toward the definition of the bio-based materials and composites that are deemed of interest for this project and, then, launches the three main WPs (namely, WP2, WP3 and WP4) devoted to their physical, mechanical and functional characterisation.

The outcome of those three WPs is taken as an input by WP5, as it deals with designing the elements made of the aforementioned bio-based materials.

These elements will be realised as a demonstration activity as part of WP6.

Finally, WP7 collects all the education activities, especially those developed in the final part of the project with the aim to transfer the knowledge gained in the project to both students and practitioners.