Fixing and Anchoring Technology in Concrete and Masonry


This lecture discusses relevant subsequent fixing and anchoring systems (expansion anchors, undercut anchors, bonded anchors, screw anchors, plastic anchors) and insert components (shear studs, anchor channels) and their structural response behavior if used in concrete, masonry, or natural stone structures. Additionally, students will be introduced to reinforcement of structures and design methods for subsequent fixings according to ETAG001 and DIN CEN/TS 1992-4.

The following content is also included in the lecture:

  • Fixing and anchoring systems and their possible applications
  • Functionality of fixing and anchoring systems during force transmission
  • Installation of fixing and anchoring systems depending on the substrate
  • Behavior of fixing-substrate under typical force applications
  • Possible load combinations for fixing and anchoring systems
  • Load bearing behavior of fixing and anchoring systems and structural design methods
  • Assessment under European standards
  • Potential damages to fixing and anchoring systems and how to avoid them

In addition to the lecture, students will participate in a lab and exercises to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. With the help of software tools, practical examples will be calculated and fixing systems will be compared.

Lecturer Dr.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Lieberum
Supervisor Dipl.-Ing. Elena Alexandrakis
Module MSc BI/ MSc UI: Optional
Office hours By appointment