Building physics

Building Physics


The module “Building Physics” is offered in collaboration with the faculty for Facade Engineering (Prof. Knaak) and includes a building physics exercise section and a building physics project section.

The building physics exercise section consists of several supervised examples and calculations concerning building physical basics and methods for building design. Topics are insulation, evaluating an energy balance, moisture protection, and sound insulation.

Within the building physics project section, students will individually calculate, analyze and optimize a building in accordance with current standards and norms. The project counts for 50% of the final grade of the module “Building Physics”.

Basic information about building physics will not be part of the module “Building Physics”. Its strongly recommended to attend the lecture “Basics of Structural Engineering, part 2”

Study attainment: Take part in exercise section (required)

Exam attainment: Project + exam

To pass the module, the project and the exam have to be completed successfully within the same semester.

Lecturer Prof. Eddie Koenders
Supervisor Dipl.-Ing. Ines Boß, M.Sc. Christoph Mankel
Module BSc BI / BSc UI: Specialisation
Office hours Information listed on TUCaN

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