Cooperation with the Institute for Materials in Civil Engineering


The Institute of Construction and Building Materials cooperates with several companies of the construction industry (concrete and prefabricated parts industry, manufacturers of construction materials and companies for anchoring systems)

The Institutes high grade laboratory is used for the determination of mechanical, chemical and building physical parameters.

In addition to scientific cooperation, material testing and expert opinions within all fields of construction material technology. You will be supported in the following fields:

  • As-is analysis
  • Renovation concept
  • Court opinion
  • Approval tests
  • Approval in individual cases
  • Material examinations

Research topics and groups

Research activities at the WiB focus on three thematic areas.

Mineral Binders   Lightweight and Sustainable Construction   Energy-intelligent Construction
  • Geopolymers
  • Alternative binders
  • Reactivity
  • Transport mechanisms
  • Biomaterials and biofilms
  • Mineral filters
  • Mineralized foams
  • Lightweight concretes
  • Recycled concretes
  • Additive / subtractive manufacturing
  • Gradient composites
  • Heat storage
  • Thermomechanical models
  • Building physics of materials
  • Biogenic energy systems
  • Building monitoring
Dr. Neven Ukrainczyk

Oliver Vogt
Sha Yang
Kira Weise
  Dr. Albrecht Gilka-Bötzow

Shifan Zhang
Adrian Zimmermann
Christoph Mankel
  Dr. Antonio Caggiano

Dr. Enno Steindlberger
Christoph Mankel
Sha Yang
Mona Sam