Entwicklung eines lichtdurchlässigen Betons

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, Diplomarbeit, Studienarbeit (WiBi)

Translucent concrete can be used not only for architectural means, but also to activate chemical processes. In the photocatalytic effect, a semiconductor is activated by UV radiation, causing redox reactions on the concrete surface to reduce air pollutants. To improve the activity, it is important that as much light as possible can penetrate the concrete.

Therefore, light transmission through concrete and cement-based materials, for example by using glass, should be improved. In addition to a theoretical investigation of the light transport, the light transmission, depending on the wavelength, will be investigated in different layers.

Work packages:

  • Literature research on light transmitting concrete
  • Theoretical consideration of light transmission
  • Determination of suitable light-transmitting materials
  • Fabrication of test specimens with different materials