Erstellung und Evaluierung eines Untersuchungsprotokolls für pulverförmige Rohstoffe in zementgebundenen Bindemittelsystemen

Development and evaluation of a testing protocol for powdered raw materials in cementitious binder systems

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, Diplomarbeit, Studienarbeit (WiBi)

Cementitious binders make up the majority of building materials used today. With ever-increasing demands on the performance and call for effective reduction of CO2 emissions in building materials, the variety of additives and reactive additives used is increasing. The focus of testing methods is shifting more and more into the field of microanalysis and instrumental analysis. The mass of different possibilities for analysis not only offers opportunities, but also causes the problem of interpreting and validating the results: how to deal with the data and what conclusions can be drawn from them.

The key questions are:

  • Which methods can be used complementarily?
  • Which variables have a decisive effect on the resulting data?
  • Can the data be easily evaluated for errors?
  • Is it possible to minimize or avoid systematic errors?
  • How can the data be prepared for different target groups?

The aim of the work is to categorise different examination methods and to standardise preparation and evaluation for these categories.

The micro laboratory of the Institute of Construction and Building Materials is well equipped and offers corresponding possibilities for practical experiments and the generation of own data.

The rough work packages are:

  • Literature research on different test methods to contextualise the methods
  • Identification of the relevant factors influencing the test results
  • Carrying out experimental investigations in the laboratory on various test methods and relevant influencing factors
  • Evaluation of lab tests, influencing factors and correlations
  • Development of a test protocol for different test methods

The scope can be adapted according to the thesis' requirements.