Course: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Materials and Structures


With a growing demand for environment and climate, the construction sector is aiming to find new ways for designing, producing, optimizing and/or reusing low-carbon solutions for sustainable materials and structures. Within this context, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods have become a promising way to quantify possible solutions for materials and structures applications that lead to CO2 reductions. LCA methods are based on inventory databases that define the environmental impact of defined cradle to cradle or cradle to gate situations.

The course addresses three main topics, starting with 1) LCA-basics in Matlab, 2) LCA-inventory databases implementation in Matlab and spreadsheet calculator, and 3) LCA-BIM (Building Information Modeling) and LCA implementation in open-source software. The LCA Matlab topic is introducing Matlab and shows how to code LCA cases, followed by demos and exercises. The LCA-inventory databases topic is addressing various databases that can be applied for a Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) and how they can be implemented in Matlab and spreadsheet. A demonstration followed by exercise will be provided as well. The last topic is on LCA-BIM and Open-LCA where first the relation between BIM and LCA will be presented followed by the way how Open source LCA can be employed for applications. This theme also closes with a demonstration session and exercises with groupwork on a topic related to actual practical applications.


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