NRG-STORAGE Project Meeting

Inspection of the construction site of the NRG-STORAE demonstration buildings in Bulgaria


The coordinator team of the Institute of Construction and Building Materials of TU Darmstadt for the H2020 EU project “NRG-STORAGE” [1,2] and the company Röser Ingenieurbeton walk the construction site of the demonstration buildings in Bulgaria. The shell construction has already been completed. Now the application of the energy-intelligent building envelope and the interior finishing including the monitoring system will follow.

As part of the H2020 EU project “NRG-STORAGE”[1,2], a team of researchers from the Institute of Construction and Building Materials (WiB) at TU Darmstadt is developing a next-generation insulation material (NRG-Foam) that enables energy savings of at least 25% or insulation material savings of up to 40% through active and passive energy storage. This is made possible by the use of a functional composite material consisting of a nanomodified mineral foam integrated with phase change materials.

The research project “NRG-STORAGE” has a duration of four years, a total volume of 6.8 million euros and is funded by the EU with 5.6 million euros. The project is being carried out by an international consortium of 13 partners, 12 of them from Europe and one from Argentina. Each individual project partner covers a project-specific core competence. The project is coordinated by the Institute WiB of the TU Darmstadt.

The project is divided into four main work packages. Work package 1 describes the development and optimization of individual material components. In work package 2, building on work package 1, the NRG-Foam is developed and optimized as a material composite. Work package 3 covers the development and design of an entire insulation system prototype. Work package 4 describes the implementation and validation phase including the construction of three demonstration buildings on the site of the project partner GLAVBOLGARSTROY(GBS) in Bulgaria. On this site, the monitoring of the insulation system performance will take place throughout the project duration and beyond.

In the period from 04.10.2021 to 06.10.2021 the coordinator team of the Institute WiB of the TU Darmstadt and the CEO of the company Röser Ingenieurbeton visited the construction site of the demonstration buildings in Sofia, Bulgaria. The shell of the buildings has already been completed. The TU Darmstadt research team discussed with engineers from GBS and the company Röser Ingenieurbeton the implementation of the highly innovative insulation system as an energy-intelligent façade for the demo buildings, the building services interior design, and the implementation of a monitoring system for the digital recording of the thermal performance of the façade. After the long Covid 19 conditional immobility of the project partners, this presence meeting represented a strategically important directional signpost in the overall project progress.



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