Job advertisement student assistant (m/f/d)

Multiscale Modeling of Advanced Nano-Reinforced Geopolymer/CNTs Materials


We are looking for a diligent student to help us in the processing of a project. The intention of this project is to work on multiscale modelling to obtain the mechanical properties computation between nano and micro levels. Therefore, the responsibility is specified to simulate the coarse grained input file of geopolymer/CNTs from available LAMMPS (Large-Scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator) trajectory file, which has been computed by molecular dynamics simulation approach. Then, mechanical properties computation through Monte Carlo approaches is defined as the next step, which can be performed by LAMMPS package as well.

Time of working is 30 hours monthly and starting can be immediately.

If you are interested in this student assistant position, please contact:

Dr. -Ing. Mohammadreza Izadifar ()

(Postdoc Researcher)

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