Teaching videos on normative fresh and hardened concrete tests

Our collection of teaching videos on normative fresh and hardened concrete testing for our course "Materials in Civil Engineering" is now available online!


Within the framework of the program “Student E-Learning Experts” of the HDA, our project for the development of teaching videos in the field of materials in civil engineering was funded in the project period from 01.01.2020 to 31.03.2021. In the course of this time, we have created teaching videos of the most important normative fresh and hardened concrete tests, which, among other things, form an important part of our course “Materials in Civil Engineering”.

The aim of our e-learning project was to develop instructional videos for the building materials part of the “Materials in Civil Engineering” module. In the course of the project, we created short explanatory videos on various test methods for fresh and hardened concrete as well as the normative production of normal concrete and specimens. The videos are a didactic addition to our course and serve to give students a clear understanding of concrete as a material as well as essential testing methods, thus linking the theory they have learned with practice.

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Contact: Kira Weise, Marc Zeitler