What does a research assistant do at our institute?

Our first video introducing possible job profiles in the field of construction materials is available online!


As part of HDA's “Student E-Learning Experts” program, our project to create short films on job profiles in the field of construction materials is being funded. In our first video, we present the job description as a research assistant at our own institute. In the coming months, further short films will provide exciting insights into the working world in this field.

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The aim of the e-learning project is to create short films about job profiles in the field of construction materials. In the course of the project, we will visit people in different professions at their workplace and interview them about their daily tasks and responsibilities. The videos will show typical job profiles that can be exercised with the knowledge gained from the in-depth courses at our institute.

These include materials scientists at universities or research institutes, test engineers in research and development, engineers in construction materials recycling, quality officers in production, managers of precast / ready-mix concrete plants, project managers, quality managers in construction and building physicists.

The videos are intended to show our students early on in their studies how varied their career options are after graduation. They can also help in deciding on possible areas of specialization in the master's program.


Kira Weise

Rick Rieck