New anlytical possibilites thanks to our new FTIR device

The Institute of Building and Construction Materials added a FTIR device to its microlab and thus can expand their already extensive examination portfolio.


Investigations in the micro and nano scale range have a great importance at the WiB. Our microlab is already well suited for a wide range of analytical examinations in this area. To ensure that we can continue the investigations at a high level and further the comprehensive examination of samples, we have now added a FTIR (Fourier-transform-infrared-spectrometer) to our equipment inventory.

Fourier-transform-infrared-spectroscopy is an analytical method that uses infrared radiation (ranging from 800 nm to 1 mm wavelength) to excite different energy states in molecules. Solid an liquid samples can be examined by means of FTIR. An infrared beam (varying its wavelengths) is directed at the sample. Through the absorbtion of different wavelengths by the sample molecules are identifiable. From this the chemical composition can be qualified and partially quantified. This investigation method can be used as a complementary method to our other chemical-mineralogical investigations (e. g. for X-ray amorphous material). In the future, solid-state reactions of different binders can be investigated through FTIR. These reactions often happen without forming crystal structures and thus there is a demand for an alternative method such as FTIR. Our analysation methods on the nano scale are indispensible for future experimentation and understanding of reaction behavior. With our ESEM (plus EDX), as well as the XRD, the FTIR forms a meaningful extension to our well equiped lab.

For further information you can find our investigation possibilities here.

FT-IR-Spektrometer Invenio-R by Bruker Optik GmbH