Multiscale modeling of advanced nano-reinforced geopolymer/CNTs materials


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) – Project number 446266595

Nowadays, geopolymers are considered as advanced alternatives to cementitious materials, where their excellent chemical and fire resistance are some of its most appealing properties. Geopolymers enable the use of industrial waste materials while converting them into a novel binding material. Their production is accompanied by a much lower CO2 emission when compared to Portland cement. Reinforcing geopolymers with nano-carbons would significantly strengthen its microstructure and with this enhancing the long term mechanical and durability performance. The objective of this project is to use a multiscale numerical modeling approach to optimize the mechanical properties of geopolymers with nano-reinforced Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs). For this, atomistic modeling will be conducted by the French group using molecular dynamics methods, while considering humidity, heating and loading effects. A micro-level particle model will be developed by the German group, which will be based on particle (Monte Carlo) models, 3D image based algorithms, homogenization schemes and finite element method, to enable upscaling.


    • Professor Dr.-Ing. Eduardus Koenders, Ph.D.
    • Technische Universität Darmstadt
    • Institut für Werkstoffe im Bauwesen

Subject Area: Construction Material Sciences, Chemistry, Building Physics

DFG Programme: Research Grants

International: France

Partner organisation:

    • Agence Nationale de la Recherche / The French National Research Agency
    • 50 avenue Daumesnil
    • 75012 Paris
    • France

Co-Applicant: Dr.-Ing. Neven Ukrainczyk, Ph.D.

Cooperation partner: Professor Dr. Ali Zaoui, Ph.D.

Förderung: since 2020

Project identifier: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) – Project number 446266595


Conceptual microstructural model of geopolymer paste.