Albrecht Gilka-Bötzow

Mineralisierter Schaum schwimmt

Research fields

Member of the project team for the construction of the η-Fabrik at the campus of the TU Darmstadt.

Research and development in the field of mineralized foam with structural or insulating abilities for high and low temperatures.

Occupation with application possibilities of mineralized foam for the optimization of porous lightweight concrete.

Participation in the research team SWIVT (Estate element for existing residential areas – ideas for the connection of energy efficient technologies).

University lectures

Selected lectures:

  • Light weight conretes,
  • Foamed concrete and mineral foams,
  • Sustainability modelling in construction,
  • Thermal insulation materials,
  • Concrete rehabilitation

Please note my offers for the supervision of theses (Diploma, Bachelor, Master). Other topics are also possible. Have a look at my already supervised theses to get an inspiration.

Academic Curriculum Vitae


Supervised student theses